In an ever increasing global economy, with an industry need to generate more with less, we have joined together our knowledge and experience with the latest technological advancements to cultivate the best solutions for your specific needs.

At Elastotech we believe a sealing solution can only ever be as good as its developer’s understanding of the intended purpose. That understanding is dually centered on seal engineering expertise, and on well establish knowledge of market accessible technologies and processes. As a proactive measure, respective market mechanisms coupled with availability, process operating expenses, and logistics require due consideration, primarily as to ensure that not only highly reliable, but also economical and personalized market-specific sealing solutions can be supplied.

Elastotech strives to be on the cutting edge of elastomeric compound innovation to meet the most exigent sealing applications including extreme temperatures and pressures as well as chemically aggressive environments. We have combined the latest technology and expertise with years of personal experience in every major industrial application area to provide you with only best-of-class compounds.

Personalized offers are designed for each customer segment by helping to single out the best materials and optimize sealing solutions. Thus helping customers enhance performance, decrease energy use and cut total costs, concurrently augmenting added-value to Elastotech. Whatever your sealing need, we can provide the service solutio